A German court refuses to extradite a German citizen to Poland, because of the state of the Polish judicial system

  1. Die Auslieferung des Verfolgten nach Polen zur Strafverfolgung aufgrund des Europäischen Haftbefehls des Bezirksgerichts C./Polen vom 4. Februar 2019 wird für unzulässig erklärt.2. Die Kosten des Verfahrens und die notwendigen Auslagen des Verfolgten fallen der Staatskasse zur Last.
  1. The extradition of the accused to Poland for prosecution on the basis of the European Arrest Warrant of the District Court C./Poland dated 4 February 2019 is declared inadmissible.
  2. The cost of the proceedings and the necessary expenses of the accused shall be borne by the state treasury.]

CJEU: Courts in the EU must carry out a two-step test

The court in Karlsruhe decided not to execute the EAW to Poland in this case after implementing a two-step test.

  • first, to assess whether there is a systemic threat to the rule of law in the country of reference;
  • then, to assess whether the person being sent to that country will be guaranteed a fair trial in the given case.



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